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Commercial law focuses on the legal and regulatory side of running a business. This covers the business set up and structure, governance and compliance, risk management, shares and securities, directors responsibilities, partnerships, intellectual property and brand protection, privacy regulation, mergers and acquisitions, sale and purchase of businesses, data protection, contracts and agreements and so on.

While many large corporations have ‘in house’ legal teams to manage their legal and commercial affairs, we understand for small and medium businesses that this is not affordable. Our Commercial Law services are aimed at individuals, small businesses and small & medium enterprises (SMEs), to provide your business with the right legal services to set up your company, protect your company and manage your interests.

Our vast experience covers:

  • Business and commercial contracts
  • Business structures
  • Registration and licencing
  • Commercial disputes
  • Intellection property, copyright, trademarks and patents.
  • Employee relations
  • Contracts, terms and conditions and agreements
  • General compliance requirements for small business covering, privacy, marketing, environment, data protection and any other areas specific to your industry.

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