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The Bilias & Associates legal team are experts in the criminal courts and have the knowledge and networks to handle your matter. Regardless of the size or complexity we will put together the right team to manage your issue and give you the best outcome.

If you have been arrested, charged with an office or issued with an infringement, then you will need assistance. Our team is highly experienced in all criminal and traffic matters covering Driving Offences, Assaults, Drug Offences, Robbery, Break and Enter, Stealing, Sex Offences and much more. We are frequently in the Local, District and Supreme Courts and we can help you achieve the best possible outcome the entire way through the process.

Defence – Dealing with criminal matters requires a strong defence. The preparation of your matter from arrest to trial starts from the time we are instructed until the matter is concluded. Your matter will be thoroughly dealt with by our dedicated team throughout the whole process. This includes:

  • Analyses of the charges and the alleged facts
  • Investigation of evidence
  • Dealing with the police
  • Applying for bail
  • Advice regarding pleas
  • Commissioning of experts
  • Preparation of defending your matter in court
  • Appearing in court
  • Instructing barristers if required.

Frequently, the best results can be obtained by proper negotiations with the police and prosecutors and not all the work is done inside of court. Our negotiation skills have been developed over decades of managing criminal matters and we understand the system, the personnel and the process and know how to get the best result in any circumstance.

Advice regarding your plea – Recent changes and reforms to the criminal system offer significant advantages for entering early pleas of guilty prior to the matter going to trial. Early guilty pleas can reduce stress, time and money and are preferred by the court, but additionally they can lead to a discount in sentencing.  Early advice in your matter is essential to ensure the best outcome in the future and we will advise you how to best proceed in your circumstance.

Bail Applications – Applications for bail are to ensure that you are not held in remand (or kept in jail) until your trial. For bail applications, you need to demonstrate to the court that there are no unacceptable risks to the community and victims and that you will appear in future proceedings. We are highly experienced in convincing the courts to allow bail to occur.

Bilias & Associates legal team will use all our resources, experience and knowledge to get you bail.

Negotiations with the Police and Prosecution – Negotiations and representations to the police, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODDP), local council or other enforcement agencies, can significantly affect the outcome of your issue and must be skilfully managed. The right approach and representation, at the right time can lead to charges being dropped or altered prior to the matter proceeding and sentencing or penalties after the matter has concluded.

Once we have as assessed the police evidence, we can often have facts, allegations, statements or other evidence, which is not favourable to you removed or altered before proceeding to court. This can significantly affect the outcome of a trial, especially because this process determines what evidence is allowed to be presented to a jury.

Trial Hearing – Depending on you plea, your matter may proceed to trial, otherwise known as a hearing at the court where the prosecution will attempt to prove your guilt in the offence or charges. For less serious matters, known as ‘Summary Offences’, your matter will usually be dealt with in the Local Court in front of a Magistrate. For more serious matters, known as ‘Indictable Offences’ your matter will be heard in the District or Supreme Court in front of a jury.  The hearing generally involves the prosecution questioning witnesses and providing the court with evidence of your guilt. Our role is to defend your interests by firstly ensuring that the prosecution is allowed to introduce their evidence to the court, by gathering our own evidence, ‘cross examining’ prosecution witnesses and putting evidence to the court to show your innocence. Success at hearing requires detailed knowledge and comprehensive experience in court dealing with evidence, court procedure and questioning of witnesses. The team at Bilias & Associates have the skills and experience to ensure the best outcome is achieved for you in your circumstance.

Additionally, we have a network of criminal barristers available to us who specialise in various criminal matters. Barristers are generally required in complex criminal matters that proceed to trial in the District and Supreme Courts. Some barristers specialise in technical legal arguments, others are better at convincing a jury while some specialise in cross examination. If and when a barrister is required, we will discuss the options with you and advise you on an appropriate barrister with the right skills, knowledge and experience for your circumstances because each courtroom, each matter and each offence, must be dealt with on its merits. We will assemble the right teamyou’re your circumstance.

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