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Separation, divorce and family breakdowns are an emotional and stressful time for all family members. A breakdown in the family structure has various implications which, depending on your situation may cover applications for divorce, property division and settlements, access to children and their living arrangements, parenting agreements, child support, maintenance, financial agreements and settlements, domestic violence and AVOs (or ADVOs).

Our legal team at Bilias & Associates understand the stress that a family breakdown can cause and the importance of the best interests of any affected children. We can advise you and negotiate on your behalf to elevate stress and worry and work out a solution which covers your best interests and that of the children.

The family law system also offers and sometimes requires a mediation and/or arbitration process to occur. Mediation is often a preferred method of settling a family dispute to avoid going through the courts and to avoid the associated costs. Mediation can assist in reaching a quicker and more cost efficient outcome on parenting agreements, property disputes, child support, spousal maintenance and other issues related to the family breakdown.

Please contact us regarding your situation and we will assist and guide you through what is required to manage a family breakdown or separation or other family law issue which you may have, our team is highly experienced in this area.

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