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Our legal team at Bilias & Associates are highly experienced in providing expert advice, leading prosecution, defending litigation and managing various actions in the Land and Environment Court and with Local Councils.

We can successfully represent your interests in matters with Local Councils and authorities covering development applications (including conditions of consent) notices and orders from councils, use of your land, planning and applications, zoning, heritage, conservation, compulsory acquisition and valuation of your land.

Our expertise covers:

Class 1 : Environment, Planning and Protection Appeals, which includes merits review of administrative decisions of Councils or State government under various planning or environmental laws such as development applications and approvals for construction.

Class 2: Tree Disputes and Miscellaneous Appeals due to issues that arise between neighbours or Local Council.

Class 3: Valuation, Compensation and Aboriginal Land Claims which includes compulsory acquisition of land by governments and the associated valuation of land and property and compensation offered for such acquisition.

Class 4: Civil Enforcement & Judicial Review which includes enforcement of and review of decisions by government authorities related to planning and environmental laws.

Class 5: Criminal proceedings involving criminal enforcement, usually by local government authorities prosecuting offences against planning and environmental laws.

Classes 6 & 7: Criminal appeals against conviction or sentence meaning an appeal from a conviction in the local court regarding an environmental issue, to the higher jurisdiction of the Land and Environment Court.

We currently represent various councils in the Sydney metro area and across NSW and have extensive experience in prosecuting on behalf of councils.


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