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Medical negligence is a very specific and specialised area of law, which requires not only experience on the legal side, but knowledge of medical practice and in most cases the hospital system. Medical negligence cases often involve of a detailed study of the factual event or issues which caused the negligence, who was responsible, the event itself and the damage suffered because of the negligence.  In order to prove liability on behalf of the treating medical professional or institution you need an experienced legal team in managing medical negligence claims.

Once negligence is proven, assessing the damage to your life comes next. Do you require care? Can you still work? Has the negligence affected your future earning capacity? What about pain and suffering and general ability to enjoy life? These are all elements which affect the assessment of what you may or may not be entitled to. Detailed preparation and presentation of evidence is essential to proving to the court, not only the liability and negligence, but the real loss that you have suffered as a result.

Our team at Bilias & Associates has that knowledge, experience and expertise having managed various major claims against hospitals, doctors and other medical professionals resulting in significant pay outs of compensation, we have significant experience in settlements and the courts in this area.

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