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Buying or selling, leasing or renting, commercial or residential, our team and Bilias & Associates have your needs covered.

Buying or Selling Residential: Our services cover reviewing and advising on Contracts for Sale, amending or negotiating special conditions, recommending professional evaluations, pest and building reports, attending and managing contract exchange, conducting and managing Land Title searches, arranging stamp duty and managing all elements and paperwork of the settlement process including finalising figures and adjustments with banks, councils, strata and other relevant bodies.

Buying or Selling Commercial:  Our services for commercial conveyancing (in additional to the above for residential conveyancing), cover the various complex elements involved in buying and selling a business. For example, you may wish to buy or sell assets with a business including stock and goods, equipment and furniture. Our analysis covers areas including the reputation, good will, current orders, liabilities and financial situation of the company. Furthermore, you may wish to transition some staff, take some staff with you or prevent others or previous owners with intimate knowledge of the business from acting in competition to you. Commercial real estate buying and selling may also cover tenants with current leases and their associated rights. With commercial real estate, there are various associated risks that must be managed diligently by experienced professions.

Commercial and Retail Leasing: Leasing or renting a property for commercial purposes requires strict and thorough analysis of legislation, leasing clauses, negotiation of terms, extensions of terms, surety and bond, guarantees, insurances, make good provisions, stamp duty, registration, fees, subleasing, access, repairs and maintenance, development applications, cleaning and so on. Our team at Bilias & Associates have the skills to ensure you are advised appropriately and protected accordingly.

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