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Proper planning for what happens to your property and estate after your death is crucial to ensure that your wishes are enacted and that your instructions are carried out. Our team at Bilias & Associates have the knowledge, experience and expertise to advise you and draft your will so that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes.

Life events including marriage, separation, having children or buying property, can all have an effect on the way your estate will be managed. There are various options available to you, for example you may wish to leave your estate to your partner or spouse but you may not wish to share it with any new partners of theirs after your death, you may wish to specify maturity age limits for children who you leave property to or you may have a child with special needs who needs to be cared for financially after you have gone. Alternately, you might decide to leave an estranged family member out of your will altogether, in which case very specific planning and wording in your will is required.

Without specific wording and in the absence of meticulous instructions in your will, your will may be challenged or contested. Please contact us to discuss your situation and let us advise you on your wills and estate planning requirements.

We can also assist you with ‘Powers of Attorney’ (where someone else can make financial decisions on your behalf) and appointments of ‘Enduring Guardianship’ to enable someone to make medical and lifestyle decisions on your behalf.

In a separate of Law but related to the above, if you feel that you have been left out of a will or did not receive a share in an inheritance which you believe was owed or promised to you, our team can assist in challenging, claiming or contesting this for you. Please contact us to speak to one of our lawyers for further advice.

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